Massage Therapy Relaxation

Spiritual Therapies


Promote deep relaxation and balance energy in the body. Transform negative energy in to positive Energy. Reiki helps achieve optional wellness, stress and pain reduction, relaxation and much more!

• 30 minute session $60
• 60 minute session $105

Shamanic Guidance

Remove repetitive patterns of negative self talk. Understand your past experience and see the Opportunity in what is being presented to you. Return to a conscious awareness and move forward with courage and purpose. Each session has a portion of consulting, discussion and journeying to best understand how to proceed in a very challenging world.

• Initial 2 hour session $250

Sound Bath Therapy

Sound Baths are a meditative practice involving the use of resonant music. Several special instruments create soothing frequencies that fill the room and / or body, aiming to help people relax. You will let go of anxiety, stress and other worries. People report feeling deeply relaxed, calm, hopeful and joyful after sound baths. They have many other health benefits, as well.

• 30 min $70
• 45 min $100