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Personal Training

Train Hard and Transform!

Learn how to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Strength training will also help you lose unwanted pounds and have more energy! Exercise has been proven to prevent a multitude of diseases, fight  depression and curb appetite. Make the choice to live life to the fullest. Do not delay!

The Gym at Milford Body Therapy

Carrie Reed has raised two boys, now men. She knows about the battle to stay lean. She also does not want to deny the fact that she has had children! She will push you hard and keep you working. But she will not risk injury!

Niki Webber also knows to push you but not cause injury. She is a Yoga expert and incorporates how to stay strong and stay on track with a healthy diet.

As Licensed Massage Therapists, Carrie and Niki know the fine line between PAIN vs. PROGRESS! It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 78, they will take you to higher levels than you ever thought possible!

Milford Body Therapy – Personal Training / Movement Therapies
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One-On-One Personal Training
• 60 minute initial assessment $95 + tax
• 30 minute session $50 + tax
• 45 minute session $75 + tax
• 60 minute session $95 + tax

Personal Training Packages
Save with packages of 6, 12 or 18.

3D Mapping Analysis
3D MAPS 45 minutes analysis: $80
3D mapping program 10 sessions (45 min each) for $750

Kinesiotape application $15+


Elevate your visit with personalized one-on-one Yoga. Try for 15 minutes pre or post massage to enhance your experience. Or you can have a Yoga session as a stand-alone program. We tailor the Yoga session based on your needs.

• 30 min $50
• 45 min $75
• 60 min $95