Massage Therapy Relaxation


Milford Body Therapy will take care of all your alternative health needs.

Our massage therapy is the finest in Milford, if not Connecticut! Not only will you get rid of nagging aches and pains, but you also gain an education or prevention of future injuries.

Our Massage Therapists are very focused and skilled. You can be confident in our abilities.

There are many styles and techniques we may use for your individual health program. Medi Massage Cupping is one way to enhance the bodywork and expedite healing! Or perhaps the immune boosting Manual Lymphatic Drainage  is what you are requiring for optimal protection in these trying times.

Our Synergie Cellulite Reduction program is also a cutting edge treatment. The youthful results are so exciting and the health benefits are amazing!

And finally, should you need any off-site services, we can accommodate you. We are very professional and organized to handle any event.


Thrifty Three Pack
Three 60 or 90 minutes massages for one low price. Package must be paid for in advance.
Three  60 minute massages for $295
Three 90 minute massages for $435

Eight Plus One Package
Purchase eight sessions (all same $ value) and receive your ninth for free. Package must be paid for in advance.

Couples Care Package
Six 60 minute massages for $570

Rescue Pack RX
Four 30 minute sessions in a 2 week period – $220

Rescue Pack RX Supreme
Four 45 minute sessions in a 2 week period – $320

No additional fee is charged for Hot/Cold Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, Essential oils, Medi Massage Cupping, Pain relieving ointments, gels or liniments.

Kinesiotape application
$15+ additional charge.