Massage Therapy Relaxation

Niki Webber

If you’re looking for relief, Niki’s table is the place to be. With a focus on mobility retention and surgery prevention, her touch can deeply and painlessly relax the nervous system, creating an effect of lasting relaxation long after the client leaves our facility. A fitness and yoga instructor, Niki often brings clients into our gym to learn a few simple, fluid stretches intended to improve their quality of life based on her session findings. To build a reasonable stretching regimen or become more consistent, Niki is available for one-on-one classes.

Niki graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage and became a licensed practitioner in 2009. During her time at school, she was encouraged to incorporate multiple modalities into her sessions. To add to her toolbox and ensure that each massage is tailored to the individual, Niki went on to study Reiki and energy work, Prenatal, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Massage Cupping and use of essential oils. She often infuses any of those into her Therapeutic Massage.

One aspect of massage therapy that piqued Niki’s interest is the effect it can have on the body’s systems. Her Ashiatsu massage is broad and deep, inviting the nervous system to relax and reset. She is also certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage; a subtle but powerful type of bodywork that encourages the body to heal itself much faster, especially in cases of surgery, swelling and illness.


“I am someone who gets intense muscle spasms and I have been treated by quite alot of massage therapists in the past. I first went to Niki over 4 years ago and I have not gone to anyone else since. Niki has a true and thorough understanding of how to massage muscles to not only work out knots, but also delivering an amazing massage that is also relaxing. She also uses different techniques depending on what the issue is or where the pain is located. I’ve also gone to her for massage when I’ve been feeling tense and anxious. By the end of the massage I feel like a limp noodle – totally physically relaxed! Niki is also very professional and at the same time very kind and empathetic. If you are looking for a massage therapist that really does her best to help you, you have found her. I highly recommend Niki!”

— Jeannette R

“I highly recommend Niki. She is amazingly talented and gifted at her craft. I suffer from two chronic pain conditions/autoimmune illness and a back/neck injury from MVA. I prefer holistic treatments rather than medications or pain killers. She is the only therapist I’ve been too who can treat my discomfort in order to give me some relief & quality of life. Thank you Niki from the bottom of my heart!”

— Melissa W

“Niki works wonders. She knows exactly where you need release and does it painlessly. After many massages at different places, I’ve finally found a therapist that gives me the relief I’ve been seeking. Highly recommend.”

— Isela P

“I had a massage from Niki and she was fantastic. I have had back pain for more than a year and nothing has helped; after my massage I woke up with no back pain for the first time in many, many months! Thank you Niki, I will see you soon!”

— Christine L

“Working with Niki has been life changing. I was in SO MUCH pain a few months ago and now I feel so much better. Thanks for all you do!! MBT is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it to everyone!”

— Shep S

“Niki was attentive and listened to my explanation of pain I’m experiencing. She knew exactly what the issue was and focused closely on that area. She also recommended some postures and exercises to help with the problem. I look forward to my next appointment.”

— Jessica D