Massage Therapy Relaxation

Therapeutic Massage

Lower your blood pressure and improve circulation with a light to medium pressure. Release sore, spastic muscles and re-energize your fatigued body with moderate to deep pressure.

Depending on your needs, a therapeutic massage combines techniques that will relax and relieve. When a light to medium pressure is applied, blood pressure and stress are reduced and circulation is increased. The body can get rid of toxins that cause pain.

When moderate to deep pressure is applied to specific areas of concern, contracted muscles will release. When circulation in these areas is improved, lasting healing can take place.

We also offer a more intense session designed to improve posture. It is known as “structural integration” Or “CORE” Myofascial TherapyThis is not for relaxation purposes and it is not a full body session. The focus remains on the region(s) of imbalance, concern and pain.

• 30 minute session $65
• 45 minute session $95
• 60 minute session $125
• 75 minute session $155
• 90 minute session $175

NO additional charges for the following:

    • Thera gun, percussion massage tool
    • Scented oils
    • Hot packs
    • Body Cushion / Special Supports
    • 5 minute Restorative Education and tips
    • Massage Cupping
    • Tuning forks
    • 5 minute Sound Bath
    • Pain relieving ointments
    • Anti-Inflammatory liniments
    • Cold Ice Treatment / Cryotherapy
    • Gua Sha Treatment

Kinesiotaping application $15+

Therapeutic Massage Practioner