Massage Therapy Relaxation

Custom Therapies

Rescue Pack RX


A combination of mobility, balance, strength training and massage therapies to quickly reduce pain and educate you for immediate use at home!

Four 30 or 45 minute sessions in a two week period.

Rescue Pack RX

Four 30 min sessions in a 2 week period…$250

Rescue Pack RX Supreme

Four 45 min sessions in a 2 week period…$370

Cocoon Body Wrap

This 70-minute session hydrates and tones skin, detoxifies, improves digestion, increases lymphatic flow and boosts the immune system health. We use Medi-cupping techniques and our essential oil combinations to reduce symptoms from conditions including : Anxiety, insomnia, fatigue or lack of motivation, constipation, excessive medication/antibiotics/stress, pain in joints and muscles, bronchitis and lung health.

• 70 minute session $170

Sound Bath Therapy

Sound Baths are a meditative practice involving the use of resonant music. Several special instruments create soothing frequencies that fill the room and / or body, aiming to help people relax. You will let go of anxiety, stress and other worries. People report feeling deeply relaxed, calm, hopeful and joyful after sound baths. They have many other health benefits, as well.

• 30 min $65

• 60 min $110

Elite Body Charge

Combine a full body massage and a custom-made Yoga experience and you are left with the Elite Body Charge! This 70-minute session is innovative and fresh. Leave all your troubles behind and feel the serenity and peace you deserve!

• 70 minutes $150