Massage Therapy Relaxation

Cocoon Body Wrap

This 70-minute cocoon body wrap session is designed for the health and balance of your lymphatic system. This power hour rejuvenates, revitalizes, detoxifies, improves digestion, increases lymphatic flow and health of our immune system. Your skin will become more hydrated, tone and smooth.

Your unique body wrap begins with Medi-cupping techniques that push out inflammation and toxins. Simultaneously, Medi-cupping will increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
This is immediately followed by a therapeutic massage with an essential oil blend specific to your needs.

You are then enveloped and swaddled in warm towels and blankets to create a healing and transforming cocoon.

While the essential oils are thoroughly absorbed you will continue to receive therapeutic massage for the head, neck, face and feet.
Our essential oil combinations effectively reduce the symptoms of:
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Fatigue or lack of motivation
• Constipation
• Excessive medication/ antibiotics/stress
• Overall pain in the joints and muscles
• Bronchitis and lung health

*Multiple sessions may be necessary depending on the individual.
*To allow for maximum benefits essential oils should remain on and even be reapplied for 24 hours. Home use blend included in cost.
*Clients are encouraged to discuss exercise and nutrition plans to enhance results
*If time allows the client may choose to stay cocooned for an additional 10 minutes in silence and dim or no light for meditation time.

• 70 minute session $170