Massage Therapy Relaxation

Ashi-Thai™ Massage

Ashi-Thai™ is the newest technique to hit the massage scene.

Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai stretches/exercises that have been modified to use with bars on the ceiling so no heavy lifting by the therapist occurs. The sessions are performed fully clothed without any oil or cream. This work is perfect for the client who thinks they have NO FLEXIBILITY!! Your joints will feel open and healthy!!

What to Wear
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing appropriate for free movement during the session including:

Long, loose pants (yoga pants, sweatpants, etc.)
Bring a sweatshirt or long-sleeve t-shirt for layering
PLEASE DO NOT WEAR shorts, skirts, nylon running pants or hooded sweatshirts
45 minute session $75
60 minute session $95
75 minute session $125
90 minute session $150