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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

What is Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy?

“The deepest most luxurious massage on the planet!

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar therapy (AOBT) is an ancient form of bodywork that was first brought to us by the Buddhist Monks. This ancient art was modernized by Ruthie Hardee of Denver, CO. (

Through extensive research, AOBT has been proven effective in the treatment of chronic lower back and neck pain.

Using parallel bars suspended from the ceiling for balance, the therapist uses his/her bare-feet to apply a smooth, flowing pressure on the clients body. Relaxation is achieved using gliding, swirling strokes over the lubricated skin. This creates a “push-pull-pumping” effect on the muscles.

AOBT provides a luxurious, yet deep massage, without pain or “poking” of thumbs or elbows.

It is available to almost anyone, however some techniques may be altered to suit the individuals health needs.
Ashiatsu is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and it is recognized by the American Medical Association.

Our licensed Therapists are Certified in Ashiatsu. They will request a medical history of each client before each session so that they may skillfully provide safe and effective bodywork.

45 minute session $85
60 minute session $115
75 minute session $140
90 minute session $165


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